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ma_volunteers's Journal

Massachusetts Volunteers
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Volunteering and Community Outreach Opportunities and Discussion in Massachusetts
This is a community to offer, request, and discuss volunteering and community outreach opportunities and projects in Massachusetts. From existing organizations, ongoing internships, to unofficial events and independent projects, one time gigs, and more, bring it here! Let's promote and create thinking globally and acting locally.

This bio will be evolving as the community does. Suggestions welcome, discussion encouraged!

Please be kind to each other, and discuss patiently. No flaming here please!
Also, please no spamtastic posting of the same event every day/week/etc. It's sad how related communities have degenerated to the same two people posting the same thing all the time. i feel like that sort of thing discourages folks from participating rather than attracting them.

Okay, let's make this world a better place starting at home!