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per richips suggestion, an introduction:

i'm a grad student, live in davis square in somerville.
i'm a lifelong volunteer; my volunteer work has tended to sort itself into a few different forms:
1) i like to intern at organizations in which i believe but for which don't have the formal qualifications. often, i'm later hired anyway. for example, i was not qualified to teach high school at the time but instead volunteered at an inner city alternative high school. i found i was perfectly suited to tutoring the refugee population that frequented that school's evening classes.
2) i tend to get involved with educational institutions and museum work (i am a historian, this makes sense).
3) i am always better suited to project-based volunteering. i like to work on, say, developing a museum curriculum for homeschool families or or creating and growing a volunteer tutoring program
4) i've also volunteered in performing arts capacities such as community radio, neighborhood outreach for a theatre company, pro bono sound design, etc

i have a few questions for this newly minted community , then.

i and my partner have lived in boston for about a year but have not had the time to do much exploring of the volunteering opportunities aside from the basics that exist in every city. i'd love to hear what kinds of small programs or off-of-the-beaten-path programs other volunteers have found in their volunteering (especially those dealing with school-age children, education, and history/museums, extra bonus points for those in the davis square area, or cambridge, or near the north end where i work).

also, does boston have the sort of program that i have encountered in other cities that barters hours/services/skills among the community?
for example, if someone plays guitar but needs some gardening done, there is an hourly exchange of services. does this sound familiar to anyone?


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Aug. 25th, 2008 01:13 am (UTC)
I know the Somerville Public Schools is looking for volunteers to lead after-school activities. From their website: The Somerville Public Schools is actively seeking afterschool activity club providers!
Opportunities include:
Open a student's world to books. Tutor a child in reading.
Make numbers count. Work with children before, during or afterschool.
Help make music a part of everyone's life. Be a music mentor.
Unlock the magic of technology. Assist in school computer labs.
Share your talents through an afterschool enrichment hour.
Expand children's horizons. Share a culture and its language.
Create drama. Enter the world of theater with students.
Demystify structures. Talk about architecture and engineering.
Have some more ideas? Let us know!

For more information please contact Jen Capuano, Volunteer Coordinator, at 617-625-6600 x6023 or email jcapuano@k12.somerville.ma.us.
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