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It's only a few short weeks until Somerville Open Studios throws open the doors of Somerville to artists and residents alike. Come out to meet your city's artists on Saturday and Sunday May 2 + 3 between noon and 6pm!
This is a once-a-year chance to see some of the amazing arts being produced in homes and studios all around the city, meet your neighbors, and tour Somerville. Every year, hundreds of artists register to share their art and lives with the public, and every year, thousands of visitors take advantage of this dazzling opportunity.
Somerville Open Studios is a non-profit organization run by the artists themselves, and in order to make this event happen every year, they rely on volunteers to make sure that things run smoothly while they're in their studios. Volunteers can offer anywhere from an hour to several days to help SOS run smoothly, either during SOS itself or before it starts.
Some of the most-needed volunteer positions are:
  • making sure that maps and flyers are distributed all over town (not just Somerville!);
  • working to ensure that the trolleys run smoothly; and
  • maintaining the physical signs for the studios and trolley stops; and
there are many other options, as well.
If you'd like to help or contribute, please contact volunteer@somervilleopenstudios.org for more information.

Hye Guys!

Hey guys! I lived in Mass for years and grew up there. I did alot of volunteer work with soup kitchens and animail rescue. I recently moved to albany for college. So I basically joined this comminty in hopes of pitching my latest project.
            So I stumbled across this amazing organization called Operation Free Fall! Which combines two of my favorite things! Adrenaline rushes annnnd volunteering!
             So here’s the deal, I NEED to raise at least 600$. Then on April 29, 2006, I'll be participating in the nation's boldest, highest-altitude, and most daring effort to put an end to sexual assault. It's called Operation Freefall!:The Two-Mile High Stand Against Sexual Assault.   I'll be joining thousands of people at skydive centers across the country who will take to the sky and jump, to raise awareness and money for sexual assault.  So if you would like to donate, know someone who would like to just go here: http://www.firstgiving.com/whitneygriffin. And you can donate right on the sight! So I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you would: A.)Donate B.)Get your friends and family to donate and C.)Post the  link and little message EVERYWHERE you can so I can raise as much money as possible. My goal is 1000$.
                     Rape is one of the most violent crimes. The FBI categorizes it as the second most violent crime, what’s number one you may be asking yourself? Murder. This immoral and horrid act must be stopped; and the survivors and victims, must be helped. By donating money, you're helping stop such a violent, needless, and disgusting crime. Rape is the ultimate violation; and chances are someone you're close to has been raped, or sexually assaulted. help put an end to this madness.


I'm glad I found this community!

I currently volunteer at the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain. I do it with my best friend and I love it! I do not get the chance to volunteer as much as I'd like because I'm still in high school but when I do I love it.

When I volunteer I mostly play with the animals, trying to make their time at the shelter as nice as possible. I walk dogs, socialize the small animals, clean cages and much more. I also help take pictures for Petfinder and sometimes help with descriptions. I also help with the less fun tasks such as laundry.

I hope to continue when I go to college - since I am staying in MA.
Hello all!

First my introduction ... I currently manage the volunteer program for an organization that teaches business and entrepreneurship to youth in low-income communities. We utilize volunteers in a variety of ways - so if this sounds like something you're all interested in, feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to elaborate.

I manage volunteer programs because I believe in volunteerism and service (corny I know) though I haven't been as active of late. I did a lot of community service learning, including various alternative spring break trips. I've been wanting to get more involved in the Boston community, but haven't found anything that has struck my fancy as of yet.

Ok, now a request :)

I'm also currently doing a Graduate Certificate program in Volunteer & Community Resource Management. One of our assignments is to interview a volunteer - I'd love to use one of my own volunteers, but I don't know if they would as honest as me as I would hope my "subject" would be.

So, if you volunteer somewhere regularly and wouldn't mind me asking you a few quick questions - let me know! It will just be used for classroom discussion, and possibly will provide insight for me as I continue to develop my organization's volunteer program.

per richips suggestion, an introduction:

i'm a grad student, live in davis square in somerville.
i'm a lifelong volunteer; my volunteer work has tended to sort itself into a few different forms:
1) i like to intern at organizations in which i believe but for which don't have the formal qualifications. often, i'm later hired anyway. for example, i was not qualified to teach high school at the time but instead volunteered at an inner city alternative high school. i found i was perfectly suited to tutoring the refugee population that frequented that school's evening classes.
2) i tend to get involved with educational institutions and museum work (i am a historian, this makes sense).
3) i am always better suited to project-based volunteering. i like to work on, say, developing a museum curriculum for homeschool families or or creating and growing a volunteer tutoring program
4) i've also volunteered in performing arts capacities such as community radio, neighborhood outreach for a theatre company, pro bono sound design, etc

i have a few questions for this newly minted community , then.

i and my partner have lived in boston for about a year but have not had the time to do much exploring of the volunteering opportunities aside from the basics that exist in every city. i'd love to hear what kinds of small programs or off-of-the-beaten-path programs other volunteers have found in their volunteering (especially those dealing with school-age children, education, and history/museums, extra bonus points for those in the davis square area, or cambridge, or near the north end where i work).

also, does boston have the sort of program that i have encountered in other cities that barters hours/services/skills among the community?
for example, if someone plays guitar but needs some gardening done, there is an hourly exchange of services. does this sound familiar to anyone?

Intro Post

Hi there!
Thanks for joining this community. I am excited for our future!

Does anyone have any ideas for things to be added to (or edited in) our profile and interests? A better idea for the layout? I know this hearts and daisies thing is a little silly.
Any other questions, comments, suggestions, etc?

Feel free to introduce yourself and talk about your volunteering experiences, hopes, searches, ideas, and so forth!

As for me, so far i am volunteering with Horizons for Homeless Children with their PAL program, which involves going into a shelter once a week and playing with kids for two hours. it is both challenging and rewarding. I have been doing this for 19 months.
I also do a lot of fundraising through firstgiving.com, which is amazing. i like to use my birthday as a fundraising opportunity. last year i did this: http://www.firstgiving.com/raya3 and this year i am doing this: http://www.firstgiving.com/raya_palindrome

I am also hoping to help Alex raise money to be able to afford a wheelchair. Info here: http://www.myspace.com/makememobile
I've been doing a little research on trying to set up a benefit show or other event for this, and i would appreciate any help, ideas, advice, etc.

My big dream is to one day use resources such as couchsurfing.com, wwoof.org, and rideshares to travel around the U.S. and the world volunteering.
I would also like to do some official programs, but as i am not able to afford college, i am on the lookout for groups that do not require or prefer you to either have a degree.

So, that is it for now for me. How about you?